MTSS (NHTSA & NCSA – 2020-2021)

This project began as a routine execution of the Sampling component included in the Crash Records Sampling System (CRSS) for NHTSA. The procedures, which were developed in an earlier contract that addressed the startup and refinement of means and methods as a major undertaking, transitioned to more routine data acquisition and processing.

Due to external events, this was not to be. The COVID pandemic presented unanticipated challenges, including managing efforts to transition to remote operations, which hadn’t been done on such a scale previously. In addition to KLD staff working remotely, contacts with data sources, many of which were understaffed and coping with challenges specific to their own needs, had to be maintained in the pandemic environment. All meetings with NHTSA and stakeholders had to be performed virtually. Despite the challenges, the project was delivered on-time and within budget while achieving approximately 99% accuracy, exceeding the Government requirement of 95% accuracy. Approximately 374,838 records were processed, with 54,389 selected.

CRSS is used to estimate the overall crash demographic, identify highway safety problem areas, measure trends, driver consumer initiatives, and form the basis for cost and benefit analysis of highway safety initiatives and regulations.