App Building

Development of Apps at KLD

In the course of some tasks, it was convenient and cost-effective to develop implement use tablet or computer-based apps, which also enhanced data quality. Mobile applications allow for instant data collection and immediate data storage, both of which are significant advantages for effective fieldwork. A few of the results are shown below.

CISS – Task Analysis Study

The purpose is to gather data measuring durations of certain time-intensive tasks in an enough detail to understand inefficiencies:

  • Apply a data driven approach to making data collection more efficient
  • Collect data directly from Crash Technicians as tasks are performed

CISS – Basic Training Evaluation Survey

The purpose is to evaluate each of 5 Basic Training Sessions. This application is designed so that:

  • Trainees can give their opinion about the effectiveness of Crash Technician training
  • Feedback can be used to improve all aspects of the training

TPMS – Tire Pressure Monitoring Study

This application was designed to collect data within a DOT approved secure application using cellular data connection.

  • Researchers used the app to while collecting field data, being stored online.
  • Data was collected at the inspection site(s) so speed and efficiency while collecting data was crucial.

KLD – Staff Survey

Below is an online survey which can be completed by KLD staff to measure an employee’s opinion of our policies, practices, benefits, etc.