KLD Associates was founded in 1971 in New York State, and developed some of the pioneering computer models for traffic simulation and evacuation planning, for FHWA and FEMA respectively. It began crash investigation work for NHTSA, and grew into a primary focus that is based on its track record in organizing and executing large, long term data efforts.

KLD is extremely interested in bringing its experience and track record to other Federal agencies in establishing or running large data programs, and conducting related analyses, studies, and modeling. It welcomes other clients, for work that is not in conflict with the obligations to its existing clients.

KLDs center of gravity is now in San Antonio Texas, with its NY office providing support and specialty services.

KLD prefers to build solid, long-term partnerships & teams and work with them to better serve clients with a broader team.

Because of its work, KLD has extensive experience in working with police jurisdictions, hospitals, and other entities throughout the United States in its field work and data acquisition.

KLD is a privately held small business.