The Crash Investigation Sampling System (CISS) is the eyes and ears of NHTSA in the field. The crash tests conducted by NHTSA can reveal a lot about a vehicle’s safety performance in a crash, but those tests are only conducted on new cars. By deploying crash technicians in representative areas across the nation (called Primary Sampling Units), NHTSA can evaluate safety performance on vehicles throughout their lifespan on the road.

NHTSA selected KLD as the company to assemble this nation-wide network of CISS PSUs. KLD has set up and currently operates first 32 CISS sites, where active crash investigations have been ongoing since 2016. The 2022 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law calls for upgrading the CISS program to include – additional program site.> an expanded scope that includes all crash type. > on-scene investigation protocols.The planned development of CISS includes additional sites, and the addition of truck, motorcycle, and pedestrian crashes to the system.