Over the years, KLD not only grew to its present focus and specialties, but was the de facto incubator of once-related firms with their own distinct priorities.

This has been happening since the late 1980s. Although they are independent firms with no affiliation to KLD Associates, we are happy that they grew out of activities that started at KLD Associates. The most recent occurred in early 2013:

KLD Associates early work in vehicular transportation focused on building some advanced traffic simulation models (NETSIM, DYNEV) and in using them in analyses of traffic operations. At a certain point, some of the opportunities included functional design work based upon this expertise. But in New York State at that time, engineering professional services could only be provided by a professional corporation owned entirely by licensed professional engineers, by individual licensed practitioners, and by certain firms that predate the applicable law.

KLD Engineering, P.C. was incorporated in 1997 to meet this need. Starting in 2007, the PC broadened its base of work and developed its own distinct staff. In early 2013, several of those professionals took ownership and control of KLD PC. None of the prior shareholders have any continuing ownership and are not employed by the PC. Due to New Jersey law, there is a companion firm KLD Engineering NJ, P.C. with the same ownership as the NY company.

KLD PC’s focus on traffic engineering/ITS, traffic impact, and emergency planning is described at www.kldcompanies.com

KLD PC is a DBE and MBE, certified in a number of jurisdictions.